Scoring and Rules

Here's how the scoring works for every correct pick:
round 1: 1
round 2: 2
round 3: 3
round 4: 5
round 5: 7
round 6: 10
round 7: 15

So the maximum points you can get for a grand slam tournament bracket is 279.


  1. You are welcome to use any psychic abilites including any supernatural and paranormal forces that you have control over as long as they don't iterfere with the players or matches (no jinxing, hexing, curses, or spells).
  2. Obviously no hacking the website to change your picks after the tournament has started. And there should be no need to hack the website before a tournament has started.
  3. Absolutely no time machines or any form of time travel is allowed and you must stay in the same dimension for the entire duration of the tournament.
  4. If there is a tie for first place, the cash prize will be divided evenly among the winners.
  5. In order to discourage frivolous account creation, in order to receive the prize, you must have access to the login email that you provided. Each prize winner is emailed a verification code that will uniquely identify you. In order to receive the prize, you must provide that verification code in the body of your email to prevent someone else from claiming your prize.
  6. If the winner does not claim their prize by submitting a valid paypal email within a week, then they forfeit their prize and it will probably be donated toward the next tournament's prize. Lenience will be granted, but not guaranteed. Credit will be given for their "charitable donation".
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